Storefront of Earth Goods Natural Foods in Hot Springs, South Dakota

Storefront of Earth Goods Natural Foods in Hot Springs, South Dakota


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BEEF! We carry what I consider to be the very best... More »

Simply BEE Lightful - local honey & bee products...  More »

Honey - Honey - Honey: Several varieties from around the world More »

Our Philosophy

Our commitment to quality is evident in all aspects of our business from the food, supplements, and body care products that we sell to the advice and information we offer our customers. Of course the bulk of our products are organic, fair trade and environmentally friendly. In addition, we also offer unique products made by very small companies and support local cottage industry when possible. More »

Welcome to Earth Goods Online

Welcome to the Earth Goods Natural Foods Web site. Earth Goods has been owned and operated by Jackie and Rich Gericke in the beautiful southern Black Hills since 1996. Our success reflects our commitment to friendly customer service, carrying only the highest quality products possible and our role as a source for continued learning about natural and alternative medicines. In addition to the freshest natural foods, Earth Goods also carries a wide variety of vitamin & herbal supplements, bulk herbs and foods, gluten free foods, organic produce, natural body care products, and green household products.

Additionally, we offer occasional seminars and sampling, as well as a large variety of free, printed, and third party literature. We will often help customers do research both in our extensive library and also on the Internet.



Earth Goods Natural Foods is a culmination of the life experiences and an extension of the philosophies of owners Jackie & Rich Gericke. Jackie’s passion for over 20 years has been plants – plants – plants: Medicinal weeds, edible wild things, current scientific research, old recipes for salves, indigenous use of plants and more. Anything about alternative health care that she can find to study is always of great interest. She is a certified (non-practicing) medical assistant with a degree in chemistry. Rich grew up on Gericke’s Organic Farm, a family owned farm for over 40 years which was ultimately transformed into a New York state park. All this diverse history has led to an expansive, complete health food store focusing on alternative medicines with a healthy respect for not only tradition but also science and research. More »


We know you expect results from your supplements, that's why we carry only the best.

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